Class Two: Monday 8th October

In this class we were meeting in the class room in DIT. It took a while for us all to make our way there. When everyone got seated we were told a bit more about Second Life from John and we asked a few questions. After this John took us out to the balcony off the side of the lecture room and showed us how it balcony was floating. These are things that only work in Second Life. He also showed us how to fly. (when i went to fly i fell of the side of the balcony. It took me a while to get myself back to the class room as i had to telly port myself back to the class room.) When i returned we sat down around the table and John Explained what he wanted us to have done for next week. John wanted us to come back to second life in our own time between todays class and next week and go on an adventure around the city and find 3 shops/places to have a look at or inside. Im still enjoying Second Life and finding it nice and relaxing.

For this weeks class we had to go visit 3 places in second life in our own time in a group of. In my group was myself and megan. as my destinations button didnt work we had to take a walk around dublin. We met at DIT and The first place we visited was the church across the river. We tried to go inside but could only go so far. We walked around the building and then made our way to another destination. The next stop was a bar. Inside there was loads of people. In this bar you could not use your speaker. It was only private message. We then visited a cinema. we were hopeful to meet someone inside but there was no one to been seen. We discovered a really modern bank along the river and we went inside and had a look. It was so modern and sparce. We went upstaires to see what we could find but it was very bare and no one was there. The final stop on our adventure was a cloths shop. The walls were full of images of people wearing colourful clothes. It was also empty with no one to be seen.

Second Life 3 Second life 2Second Life 5Second life 2


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