Class Project: Kate & Megan

For our project we were to visit 5 differnet interesting buildings.

Here are the buildings megan and I visited with a suporting photograph

  1. St Pauls Cathederal. We took a walk around the building and inside it. There was no one there. I walked up to the alter and clicked on the ‘Lalisman of Charlesmagne’. It was owned by Prokofy Neva. 12204595_1217450631603821_973742462_n
  2. Gateway to the Fairy Crossing, Aetheria. Here was an outdoor space with a big building in the background. It was beautiful. There was a lady outside. I wrote her a message asking her did she know any information on this place but she did not reply. She was dressed like a princess in a white gowan. 12212213_1217450618270489_433232024_n
  3. Woods Club. In Woods club there was loads of people dancing. Music was very relaxed and chilled. Alot of people were messaging but it wasnt making scence to me so i didnt message anyone. 12207883_1217450574937160_1613366345_n
  4. Da Vinci Garden, Kalepa. This was a beautiful place, inside and out. There was a man there named Felixx Shephard and above his name he said he was the owner. I messaged him saying would it be possible to find out more information about the da vinci garden but he did not respond to me. 12212394_1217450561603828_1668400725_n
  5. The final place we visited was a shapping centre called ‘Main Store, Le Look’. It was huge adn really modern. There was nobody around to talk to or ask for information . Myslef and megan strolled around some different shops.

We also had to read some articles for this weeks class.

  1. The first article i red was called ‘Content Licensing in Virtual’.

what i got from it was that it was about agreements that were made up by people who arnt laywers. This is wrong as only laywers can do this. It went on to explain about the way the agreements for second life are designed by laywers and if someone was to interfeer with this it would cause alot of trouble.

2. Laws of virtual world.

this article was about the implications of virtual worlds for our understanding of law and how laws effect the interests of those within the world.

  1. property: normative justification for properly interests in the real world apply, sometimes more strongly in the virtual world.
  2. Do avatars have enforceable legal and moral rights? – we examine the issue of cyborg rights within the virtual world.

The issue constitutes legal chalenges for our online furture……

Write the fifth post: to your blog about how you might convert your personal presence online into an identity for  professional networking.

I would maybe look at taking down some photograph of me socilising and maybe replace them with more photographs from maybe work outing or things happenng in work. I dont post messages publicly on my facebook so i wouldnt have to worry about that. I would maybe like more groups on facebook that would be importand or interesting for me to learn or be more apart of for my career


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