Class 6: 12 november 2015

For this weeks class i read a part of the document sent by john. It was called

Reinventing Ourselves: Contemporary Concepts of Identity in Virtual Worlds Eds Anna Peachy and Mark Childs, published by Springer 2011.

I read the down as far as Simon Evans Study..

Second life was creaded in 2003, it has millions of followers, they used Linden Dollors. It converts from 300 LD to $1 us Dollors

Simon Evans – Study exploring the emergence of the Virtual World.

He Interviewed 40 People

It was basically a literiture review on the theory of self = theory of self in the virtual world. In includes; rational, context, questions + design and ethics

When i go into all the destination myself and megan can never find anyone to give us information and if we see someone they never talk back to us

I found it quite hard to read but i try to understand it as best i could. I also found it amazing to discover that millions of people use second life. I really didnt expect that!

Tonights class was good. I know know how to look at peoples profiles and find out information about them for researching places. John advised us again to visit garden maze for next week. Rory advised us to check out Hollywood Airport as he had been there and was able to chat to loads of people about different exciting places to visit. For next week i will work along side megan to research more about out building and hopefully next week we will be able to take the class to our chosen location/building.

Project progress is titled: Class Project : Kate & Megan


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