Class 7 Date: 19/11/2015

for this weeks class we had to research more about our chosen location. We did this by visiting Davinci Gardens, Kalepa.

When we got there my character would not load and woulnt move. the area around me didnt load either. Megan said it look a while for her character to load also. It was really frustration as megan had to wait around for my as we were doing this together. I signed out and signed back in thinking that would solve it but it didnt. As megans had loaded she went inside and tried to find felixx SHepard the owner. He was not online but megan messaged him and an automatic message was sent to her. It said ‘ Hi I am often not in front of the screen but i will answer soon. in important cases it might be better to send me a notecard”. We wernt sure what a note card was so we said we would bring it up in class with John this week. I was so annoyed that my screen wouldnt load properly as i wasnt able to explore the gardens properly and prepare to take the class there this week and show them all it has to offer. This really frustrated me. I tried this again before class and it still hasnt worked. My internt is pretty fast so i dont understand the problem. We did find some more information about The davinci gardens though.

Type: Estate/Full Region

Owner: Felixx Shepard

Area: 65100m2

Objects, Region Capasity : 13359 out of 15000

Description: Castle, dragons, tropic islands, sealife, eygipt, aleins, dance, love, cuddle, riding, fun, shops, renting, treaure hunts.

Options allow residents to fly, build.


The articles we had to read were interesting and i fond them very easy to understand as i was aware of how to use and what hastags were used for.

Impact of technology on disaster relief:

Twitter is an excelent way of communicating. an example given was when a hurrician hit. people could communication adn let others know they were ok through differnt social media sights like twitter , facebook google. Usng hashtags people were able to focus on specific things. these things like hastaging the word Hurrician would allow people to know or if they looked up #hurrician they could be brought to conversations people were having about the word hashtaged. Governments were also using this to get messages across. AId workers were another group using this powerful way of communication with people who needed help.


History & Power of Hashtag:

hashtags were first used in 1988..

It originated from stow boyd’s blog post.

July 2009 twitter adopted the hashtag.

Such sites like

facebook, twitter, instagram, google, pinterest all use hashtag.

Hashtag makes ways of finding information easier to people.

5 ways to use hashtags:

Its a ways to see what views people have of important things thats has just happened or will happen.. Example an election.

In this weeks class John Showed us how to use notecards and demonstrated how to make a new notecard and share it with somebody, even when they are offline. This can be a useful way of explaining your interests and reason for making contact. This will help us alot with our research for our chosen location The ‘Davinci Gardens’.




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