Blog 3: Meeting New People in SL.

Myself and Megan went for a stroll around Dublin. While we were walking around megan stopped to chat to this woman with a red dress on. Megan made the first move and said ‘hi’. The woman in the red dress spoke back saying ‘hello’. Megan went on to ask the woman ‘how she was’ and she never replied.

After this we walked on and saw a pub on the corner which we entered. There was no speaking in this pub only music. I seen a man standing in the middle of the floor so I went over to try make some conversation. When I said hello and told him I was a Student doing a module on Second life he did not respond to me. I found this very frustrating as our task was to go find someone to talk with and nobody was talking back. We were restricted to Dublin as my location page was not loading. It was fun walking around Dublin and getting to know the area though and it was nice to do it with someone else like Megan as we could have conversations and not be afraid of exploring.


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