1. The Davinci Garden, Kalepa is a beautiful palce in second life where people come and visit is Scenery and other great features.
Its situated by the sea and is also surrounded by it.
Davinci Gardens also features beautiful Architecture like the tereces, balconeys and shops.
It was named after Leonardo Da Vinci and has all grey/white walls with greenery everywhere.
There are so many hidden places within this hole location.
We chose this places because it stool out compare to the other places we visited.
we just couldnt believe you could find such a beautifully detailed place in a vertual world.
ALso we love to fly around and look down at the beautiful views.
3. Felixx Shepard (owner) said his region is a major success and i think thats what he wanted when he started creating the region.
It was created as a public place for friends couples or anyone to come and join in on the many things going
on here or just to visit to take a look around the wonderful views and relax.
Many activities and fun things happen here such as; treasure hunts, scuba diving, slow dance and romantic talks on the picturesque terraces,
catching money butterflies to make some extra cash and watching active volcano. I also looked at some articles on the da vinci gardens online
and it had many good reviews.
people loved to come here and spend hours wondering around the beautiful landscape. I also found a link to a ‘Bollywood Dance’ at Da Vinci Gardens.

4. Megan
5. Overall this Location is a huge success being one of the most visited places on second life. Its always full of people every time we come here.
Felixx Shepard is very proud of his work. we know this first hand because of the instant reply we got from him and how he was
so happy to tell us more about The Da Vinci Gardens. He was delighted to see Young college students interested.


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