1. The Davinci Garden, Kalepa is a beautiful palce in second life where people come and visit is Scenery and other great features.
Its situated by the sea and is also surrounded by it.
Davinci Gardens also features beautiful Architecture like the tereces, balconeys and shops.
It was named after Leonardo Da Vinci and has all grey/white walls with greenery everywhere.
There are so many hidden places within this hole location.
We chose this places because it stool out compare to the other places we visited.
we just couldnt believe you could find such a beautifully detailed place in a vertual world.
ALso we love to fly around and look down at the beautiful views.
3. Felixx Shepard (owner) said his region is a major success and i think thats what he wanted when he started creating the region.
It was created as a public place for friends couples or anyone to come and join in on the many things going
on here or just to visit to take a look around the wonderful views and relax.
Many activities and fun things happen here such as; treasure hunts, scuba diving, slow dance and romantic talks on the picturesque terraces,
catching money butterflies to make some extra cash and watching active volcano. I also looked at some articles on the da vinci gardens online
and it had many good reviews.
people loved to come here and spend hours wondering around the beautiful landscape. I also found a link to a ‘Bollywood Dance’ at Da Vinci Gardens.

4. Megan
5. Overall this Location is a huge success being one of the most visited places on second life. Its always full of people every time we come here.
Felixx Shepard is very proud of his work. we know this first hand because of the instant reply we got from him and how he was
so happy to tell us more about The Da Vinci Gardens. He was delighted to see Young college students interested.


Blog 3: Meeting New People in SL.

Myself and Megan went for a stroll around Dublin. While we were walking around megan stopped to chat to this woman with a red dress on. Megan made the first move and said ‘hi’. The woman in the red dress spoke back saying ‘hello’. Megan went on to ask the woman ‘how she was’ and she never replied.

After this we walked on and saw a pub on the corner which we entered. There was no speaking in this pub only music. I seen a man standing in the middle of the floor so I went over to try make some conversation. When I said hello and told him I was a Student doing a module on Second life he did not respond to me. I found this very frustrating as our task was to go find someone to talk with and nobody was talking back. We were restricted to Dublin as my location page was not loading. It was fun walking around Dublin and getting to know the area though and it was nice to do it with someone else like Megan as we could have conversations and not be afraid of exploring.

Class 7 Date: 19/11/2015

for this weeks class we had to research more about our chosen location. We did this by visiting Davinci Gardens, Kalepa.

When we got there my character would not load and woulnt move. the area around me didnt load either. Megan said it look a while for her character to load also. It was really frustration as megan had to wait around for my as we were doing this together. I signed out and signed back in thinking that would solve it but it didnt. As megans had loaded she went inside and tried to find felixx SHepard the owner. He was not online but megan messaged him and an automatic message was sent to her. It said ‘ Hi I am often not in front of the screen but i will answer soon. in important cases it might be better to send me a notecard”. We wernt sure what a note card was so we said we would bring it up in class with John this week. I was so annoyed that my screen wouldnt load properly as i wasnt able to explore the gardens properly and prepare to take the class there this week and show them all it has to offer. This really frustrated me. I tried this again before class and it still hasnt worked. My internt is pretty fast so i dont understand the problem. We did find some more information about The davinci gardens though.

Type: Estate/Full Region

Owner: Felixx Shepard

Area: 65100m2

Objects, Region Capasity : 13359 out of 15000

Description: Castle, dragons, tropic islands, sealife, eygipt, aleins, dance, love, cuddle, riding, fun, shops, renting, treaure hunts.

Options allow residents to fly, build.


The articles we had to read were interesting and i fond them very easy to understand as i was aware of how to use and what hastags were used for.

Impact of technology on disaster relief:

Twitter is an excelent way of communicating. an example given was when a hurrician hit. people could communication adn let others know they were ok through differnt social media sights like twitter , facebook google. Usng hashtags people were able to focus on specific things. these things like hastaging the word Hurrician would allow people to know or if they looked up #hurrician they could be brought to conversations people were having about the word hashtaged. Governments were also using this to get messages across. AId workers were another group using this powerful way of communication with people who needed help.


History & Power of Hashtag:

hashtags were first used in 1988..

It originated from stow boyd’s blog post.

July 2009 twitter adopted the hashtag.

Such sites like

facebook, twitter, instagram, google, pinterest all use hashtag.

Hashtag makes ways of finding information easier to people.

5 ways to use hashtags:

Its a ways to see what views people have of important things thats has just happened or will happen.. Example an election.

In this weeks class John Showed us how to use notecards and demonstrated how to make a new notecard and share it with somebody, even when they are offline. This can be a useful way of explaining your interests and reason for making contact. This will help us alot with our research for our chosen location The ‘Davinci Gardens’.



Class 6: 12 november 2015

For this weeks class i read a part of the document sent by john. It was called

Reinventing Ourselves: Contemporary Concepts of Identity in Virtual Worlds Eds Anna Peachy and Mark Childs, published by Springer 2011.

I read the down as far as Simon Evans Study..

Second life was creaded in 2003, it has millions of followers, they used Linden Dollors. It converts from 300 LD to $1 us Dollors

Simon Evans – Study exploring the emergence of the Virtual World.

He Interviewed 40 People

It was basically a literiture review on the theory of self = theory of self in the virtual world. In includes; rational, context, questions + design and ethics

When i go into all the destination myself and megan can never find anyone to give us information and if we see someone they never talk back to us

I found it quite hard to read but i try to understand it as best i could. I also found it amazing to discover that millions of people use second life. I really didnt expect that!

Tonights class was good. I know know how to look at peoples profiles and find out information about them for researching places. John advised us again to visit garden maze for next week. Rory advised us to check out Hollywood Airport as he had been there and was able to chat to loads of people about different exciting places to visit. For next week i will work along side megan to research more about out building and hopefully next week we will be able to take the class to our chosen location/building.

Project progress is titled: Class Project : Kate & Megan

Class Project: Kate & Megan

For our project we were to visit 5 differnet interesting buildings.

Here are the buildings megan and I visited with a suporting photograph

  1. St Pauls Cathederal. We took a walk around the building and inside it. There was no one there. I walked up to the alter and clicked on the ‘Lalisman of Charlesmagne’. It was owned by Prokofy Neva. 12204595_1217450631603821_973742462_n
  2. Gateway to the Fairy Crossing, Aetheria. Here was an outdoor space with a big building in the background. It was beautiful. There was a lady outside. I wrote her a message asking her did she know any information on this place but she did not reply. She was dressed like a princess in a white gowan. 12212213_1217450618270489_433232024_n
  3. Woods Club. In Woods club there was loads of people dancing. Music was very relaxed and chilled. Alot of people were messaging but it wasnt making scence to me so i didnt message anyone. 12207883_1217450574937160_1613366345_n
  4. Da Vinci Garden, Kalepa. This was a beautiful place, inside and out. There was a man there named Felixx Shephard and above his name he said he was the owner. I messaged him saying would it be possible to find out more information about the da vinci garden but he did not respond to me. 12212394_1217450561603828_1668400725_n
  5. The final place we visited was a shapping centre called ‘Main Store, Le Look’. It was huge adn really modern. There was nobody around to talk to or ask for information . Myslef and megan strolled around some different shops.

We also had to read some articles for this weeks class.

  1. The first article i red was called ‘Content Licensing in Virtual’.

what i got from it was that it was about agreements that were made up by people who arnt laywers. This is wrong as only laywers can do this. It went on to explain about the way the agreements for second life are designed by laywers and if someone was to interfeer with this it would cause alot of trouble.

2. Laws of virtual world.

this article was about the implications of virtual worlds for our understanding of law and how laws effect the interests of those within the world.

  1. property: normative justification for properly interests in the real world apply, sometimes more strongly in the virtual world.
  2. Do avatars have enforceable legal and moral rights? – we examine the issue of cyborg rights within the virtual world.

The issue constitutes legal chalenges for our online furture……

Write the fifth post: to your blog about how you might convert your personal presence online into an identity for  professional networking.

I would maybe look at taking down some photograph of me socilising and maybe replace them with more photographs from maybe work outing or things happenng in work. I dont post messages publicly on my facebook so i wouldnt have to worry about that. I would maybe like more groups on facebook that would be importand or interesting for me to learn or be more apart of for my career

Class 4: 29th october 2015

Three Adjitives that descrive you:

  1. Approachable
  2. Confident
  3. Caring

Elevator Pitch

For people who know me im a very easy person to get on with. Im an open minded person and im willing to try out new things. Im passionate about travel and i love photography. The thing i love about photography is capturing priceless moments in time that you can look back on. My friends and family are very important to me and alot of them would come to me if they had a problem or exciting news to tell.

These imfluence my facebook presents:

I have alot of friends on facebook and am always tagged in photos with different people. I also have alot of photos on facebook of my travels and actually have a photography facebook page

Class Two: Monday 8th October

In this class we were meeting in the class room in DIT. It took a while for us all to make our way there. When everyone got seated we were told a bit more about Second Life from John and we asked a few questions. After this John took us out to the balcony off the side of the lecture room and showed us how it balcony was floating. These are things that only work in Second Life. He also showed us how to fly. (when i went to fly i fell of the side of the balcony. It took me a while to get myself back to the class room as i had to telly port myself back to the class room.) When i returned we sat down around the table and John Explained what he wanted us to have done for next week. John wanted us to come back to second life in our own time between todays class and next week and go on an adventure around the city and find 3 shops/places to have a look at or inside. Im still enjoying Second Life and finding it nice and relaxing.

For this weeks class we had to go visit 3 places in second life in our own time in a group of. In my group was myself and megan. as my destinations button didnt work we had to take a walk around dublin. We met at DIT and The first place we visited was the church across the river. We tried to go inside but could only go so far. We walked around the building and then made our way to another destination. The next stop was a bar. Inside there was loads of people. In this bar you could not use your speaker. It was only private message. We then visited a cinema. we were hopeful to meet someone inside but there was no one to been seen. We discovered a really modern bank along the river and we went inside and had a look. It was so modern and sparce. We went upstaires to see what we could find but it was very bare and no one was there. The final stop on our adventure was a cloths shop. The walls were full of images of people wearing colourful clothes. It was also empty with no one to be seen.

Second Life 3 Second life 2Second Life 5Second life 2

Second Life: Class One, First Meeting

Date of first class: 6th October 2015

Within the duration of this module I am excited to learn in a new and different way. I am a visual and Audio learner. I find sometimes in class it quite difficult to watch written slides on the board. Because this module is half visual and audio I know I will enjoy learning this a lot. I hope to learn a lot about working in teams as John told us that we will be put in project groups and learn how to have discussions and talk confidently a group of people. I hope to contribute what iv learned so far in design from doing two years in a leavel 5 & 6 course previous to this year.

At the end of this module i would like to be able to:

  • work collaboratively in a cross-cultural online environment
  • access online communities and virtual environments
  • create their own online identities

I had a look at the Module Content also and am excited to learn more about

  • Team Work
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Personal Branding
  • Online Communities and Relationship